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I have been a Justice of the Peace for 18 years and I am very passionate about what I do. Most people think that JP’s just show up, do a short ceremony and then leave. But I will help you from start to finish. 

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I specialize in all types of weddings, especially same sex marriages. Let my years of experience help you make your special day even more special. I will walk you through the DO’s, DON’T’s and I DO’s of your wedding.

I Do


I Do

You're my sunshine in the mornings,

And my moonlight in the night;

You're the footsteps that I'll follow,

All throughout my life.

I put all my trust in you,

And I gladly take your hand;

I give you all my heart,

By your side I'll always stand.

As we face all these tomorrows,

Through the happiness and tears;

We'll take it one step at a time,

For all our many years.

I promise you my life,

And I promise to stay true;

With this ring I give my heart,

and all my love to you.



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My services



Your wedding is a celebration of the love and commitment that every couple shares. Treasure your hopes and dreams on your special day with a ceremony performed by me, Susan Pensivy.

We will begin with an in-person or telephone consultation. I will write your ceremony, especially for you and I will work with you on traditions you might like to incorporate into your ceremony, whether religious or non-religious.

Let me tell YOUR story of the journey that brought you to your wedding day. Your love is a special gift. Let me help you make your day EXTRA special.

You may prefer a non-denominational ceremony or setting. You might want to express your own feelings by writing your own vows. And for same sex couples, there is no fear of rejection by a clergy person. You can feel comfortable with me and feel assured that I will make your day one you will always remember.

I will perform your ceremony in any location of your choosing. The cost of my services varies depending on location, travel, and how much a couple wants to include in the ceremony. But rest assured my price will be all-inclusive and fair and reasonable.

During the interview, whether in-person or by phone, I will obtain all the information needed to write your ceremony. I will attend the wedding rehearsal the evening before the wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, and I will make sure you have all the necessary paper work after the ceremony.




In Massachusetts, you no longer are required to have witnesses be present at your ceremony. The person officiating your ceremony is your witness, so if you want a private ceremony, (just the two of you) you do not have to worry about having a witness. 


Where will your ceremony be held?


 I always remind couples that if they want an outdoor ceremony, they should look for a venue that has both indoor and outdoor facilities, such as their reception venue. The weather may not always be on your side if you are at a ceremony location that has no indoor facility, then you must reroute your guests to another venue and that will hold up your ceremony. I usually suggest places like the Skyline Country Club, Country Club of Pittsfield, Berkshire Hills Country Club and Tavern at the A, just to name a few.

Do you want a religious or non-religious ceremony?



I am also an ordained minister, so I can do a religious ceremony if you would like or a special, romantic or fun, relaxed ceremony. Some couples may want a short, simple ceremony, while others want to incorporate more in the ceremony and make it a bit longer by using readings, a singer, etc.

Will you be writing your own vows, or do you prefer to repeat after me?

 Many couples like to express their feelings by writing their own vows. Some are too nervous to do this, so they prefer for me to write the vows exchange and they will repeat them after me.

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Real testimonials

" We loved the ceremony"

 Lezette and Christopher Arbor

"We cant begin to express our gratitude for Susan and her amazing preparation of our Wedding Ceremony. She listened to our needs and put together a beautiful celebration that touched everyone in attendance"

"We couldn't recommend Susan enough to perform your services. The time and attention she put into the service really showed in the emotional response of the audience. Thanks you so much for giving us a tremendous gift Susan"   

Norman and Valerie Breault

"Sue your outstanding ceremony during our weeding was so perfect, you were so clear when speaking. Our gues were able to hear every word. The timing was no too long but not short,it was perfect. Thanksyou for your service for our wedding ceremony"

Chris and Elizabeth Williams

"Sue made my wedding experience perfect. Before the ceremony, she staayed in touch regularly making sure it was just what i wanted. My grandfather passed a week before my weding and she incorporated his memory into the ceremony, which is something i will forever be grateful. She is professional and genuine. I enjoyed every moment with her and would recommend her a million time if i could!"

Virginia Southard


Would you like to include family members or close friends?


Some couples have poems or special readings that are very meaningful to them that they would like to have a family member or friend read during the ceremony.


What about a singer?


Is there a song that is special to you that you might like to have sung during the ceremony?


Unity Candles or Unity Sand ceremonies or other types of ceremonies in your wedding?


Keep in mind that while Unity Candles are very beautiful they are not always practical for an outside ceremony, but still can be used after the ceremony. When the couple is announced and enters the reception.  I have had couples do their unity candle ceremony then just before their first dance or dinner. 

The Unity Sand Ceremony is the blending of two difference colors of sanding into one container symbolizing your unity as one in marriage.

How large is the wedding party?


If your wedding party is very large, I generally will ask you to be sure you have your groomsmen and bride’s maids paired up before the rehearsal so you know who is walking with whom and there is less confusion and time wasted at rehearsal. Also: Will your wedding party walk in as couples or will only the bride’s maids walk in and the groomsmen be waiting with the groom?

These are just some of the important things I need to know to make sure your special day runs smoothly and without any problems. My goal is to make your wedding day very special and one you will always remember. 

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For the DO’s, DON’T’s and I DO’s of your wedding.


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"You’re my downfall, you’re my muse

My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you

My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

'Cause all of me

Loves all of you"